A good time was had by all at Jones, Rich & Barnes Fundraiser

The awesome folks at Jones, Rich & Barnes Funeral Home raised nearly $2,400 for Vet to Vet Maine at the firm’s Second Annual Beer & Wine Tasting on April 27 at the funeral home, 199 Woodfords St., Portland. We are very fortunate indeed to have their continuing support. The event featured a wide array of tantalizing food, wine, and beer (all provided by Jones, Rich & Barnes). Our thanks, too, to Starbucks, Route 1, Scarborough, for providing a lovely basket filled with goodies as a door prize. Those who attended had the pleasure of meeting other supporters of Vet to Vet Maine, singing along to guitar music played by Andrew McCarthy, socializing, and feasting on delicious goodies as well as learning more about Vet to Vet Maine. There was even a birthday cake celebrating the 70th birthday of Vet to Vet Maine executive director Susan Gold.

Thank you, Jones, Rich & Barnes for a fabulous party and most generous donation to further the work of Vet to Vet Maine!