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About the Vet to Vet Maine Program

Friendships That Can Last a Lifetime

Vet to Vet Maine is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to serving veterans in the state of Maine. Formed in June 2018, Vet to Vet Maine offers support, companionship, a friend who understands, and a link to services to lonely and socially isolated veterans.

Vet to Vet Maine matches veteran volunteers with other veterans who need a friend and/or mentor. The two veterans visit on a regular basis (at least twice a month), sharing stories, enjoying activities together, and developing a friendship that can last a lifetime. Trained volunteers also guide their veteran friends in applying for needed services and benefits.

For soldiers just returning from the battlefield, they provide a mentor who can help lead the way back to civilian life, a fellow soldier who has been there and understands, a friend who listens and offers a helping hand.

For the older veteran dealing with illness, aging, the loss of a spouse, or other challenges, Vet to Vet Maine’s volunteers provide companionship, a link to the greater community, assistance in obtaining well-deserved benefits and services, and a friend who shares stories.

Your Support Can Make a World of Difference

With your help, we can fulfill the values of a just society by supporting our veterans and helping ease the social isolation that too many of them face.

It costs approximately $1,000 to support one volunteer/veteran match for a year.

Your donation of any amount can make a world of difference to a veteran in need of a friend.

Veterans have pledged their lives to protect us and our loved ones. Now it’s our turn to pledge our support for them.

Listen to our video to learn more about how Vet to Vet Maine volunteers make a difference in the lives of the veterans they visit. Click HERE for video.