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Caregiver Support Network

Vet to Vet Maine recognizes the stress that comes with being a caregiver of a veteran with disabilities. We have undertaken this new program to help reduce some of the stressors caregivers face and to provide a support network of caregiver peers who can share stories and information and offer support to one another.

Volunteer Coordinator: Kathy Lavigne


  • Expand on the successes of the Vet2Vet Maine Program to include caregivers
  • Recognize caregivers’ untold service to veterans
  • Promote a support group for caregivers
  • Help facilitate connections among caregivers
  • Provide information about resources for caregivers


  • Establish and maintain an updated list of V2VME veteran caregivers.
  • Hold quarterly meetings to build a network for caretakers using a peer to peer sharing environment with keynote speakers from the community to inform and educate caregivers.
  • Distribute a Caregiver Directory so caregivers have an opportunity to contact one another between regularly scheduled meetings. Inclusion in the directory must be approved by each caregiver.
  • Distribute a Resource Guide for caregivers.
  • Invite caregivers to annual Volunteer Recognition event.

The V2VME Caregiver Support Network welcomes all caregivers who care for a veteran in the Vet to Vet Maine program in any capacity. Caregivers include spouse, son, daughter, relative, friend, or emergency contact.


  • Caregivers feel more connected to V2VME and other caregivers
  • Caregivers feel less socially isolation/alone
  • Caregivers benefit from peer support
  • Caregivers benefit from resources and information provided

Outputs (measures of outcomes):

  • Survey caregivers annually on Caregiver Support Network program and its effect on them (measure feelings, resources, connections, etc.)
  • Collect anecdotes on caregiver program
  • Record number of caregivers participating in program

Additional steps:

  • Establish contact with Elizabeth Dole Foundation Military Caregiver Leader in the Hidden Heroes city of Augusta ME
  • Encourage caregivers to sign up on the Elizabeth Dole national registry to receive notices of online support and resources.
  • Develop a registry of speakers and presentations to empower caregivers.
  • At each quarterly meeting, encourage caregivers to suggest topics for future
  • meetings.