Drummond Woodsum Awards V2VME 4-Year Grant

The Drummond Woodsum law firm, 84 Marginal Way, Portland, has selected Vet to Vet Maine as one of several nonprofit organizations to receive an unconditional gift of $16,000, to be distributed in shares of $4,000 annually for the next four years. The award is part of Drummond Woodsum’s charitable giving initiative of 2021. The money will support V2VME’s programs and operations.

“These contributions will be crucial in the coming years as we work to expand our reach, train more volunteer peer companions, and identify and assist those veterans who need it most,” said Susan Gold, V2VME executive director. “Having that money to count on will also assist us in our planning process for the future.”

V2VME board member Adam Cote, an attorney at Drummond Woodsum, nominated the organization for the award and was instrumental in presenting its case. Thank you, Adam and Drummond Woodsum!