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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has served in the military (combat and noncombat) can volunteer as a Vet to Vet Maine veteran visitor. We will try to match veterans with similar experiences if possible, according to geographical location. Volunteers for other positions do not have to have served in the military.
Anyone who has served in the military and is in need of a friendly visitor or a veteran peer mentor. The program serves veterans of any age, in any branch of service, combat and noncombat. We give preference to veterans living at home, but we do serve veterans in facilities in some cases.
Fill out the enrollment form, meet with the Vet to Vet Maine supervisor for an interview, provide references, and complete paperwork. Onsite training and background checks may be required. Volunteer visitors must also attend a 9-hour training course and pass a background check. Training courses will be held periodically. The course is three sessions of three hours each and covers such things as training in listening skills, dealing with difficult situations, assessing needs, bonding techniques, setting boundaries, VA and other social service programs and benefits available to veterans, and challenges faced by veterans. Attendance at all three sessions is required.
The veteran receives visits from his/her designated veteran at least twice a month in the veteran’s home. The visits provide the veteran with needed companionship and allow him/her to talk with someone who cares. Volunteers are trained to refer their veterans to other services and benefits if needed.
To sign up for a visitor or peer mentor, apply online or contact Vet to Vet Maine at director@vet2vetmaine.org or call 207-579-4024. A Vet to Vet Maine representative will interview applicants in their home and match them with an appropriate Vet to Vet Maine volunteer when one becomes available.
Duties for nonveteran positions are detailed in the Volunteer section. Volunteer visitors (veterans) meet with their assigned veteran in the veteran’s home at least twice a month. The two veterans determine the time and length of visits. They may go out for coffee or lunch, visit military museums, play cards, swap stories, or any number of other pursuits of mutual interest. During the visits, the volunteer assesses the veteran’s condition and need for any services. If additional services are required, the volunteer refers the veteran to the Vet to Vet Maine supervisor for further assistance. If VA services are needed, the volunteer refers the veteran to a VA specialist (Maine Veterans’ Services or Vet Center). Volunteers may also attend a bimonthly case review and share their experiences in the program with other Vet to Vet volunteers.
All costs for activities (such as lunch, museum fees, etc.) are split between volunteer and the veteran being visited, with each person paying his/her own way. There is no fee to participate in the program for volunteers or for those receiving visits. Additional services offered to veterans receiving visits may also be free or may carry nominal fees.
Please contact Vet to Vet Maine at director@vet2vetmaine.org or call 207-579-4024.