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Honor the Veteran Next Door

Nearly one in eight Mainers is a veteran—the doctor in the clinic, the ed tech at your children’s school, the contractor who built your house, the professor at the state college.

All Maine veterans have played a role in our country’s history: they deserve our care and support. Not one veteran in Maine should have to go it alone.

Vet to Vet Maine needs your help to support veterans who need a friend.

We reach out to help veterans who are dealing with isolation, illness, aging, or the loss of a spouse. We are here to lend a hand to soldiers returning from the battlefield and transitioning back to civilian life. Our volunteers, veterans themselves, visit fellow veterans in their homes at least twice a month, providing them with companionship and assistance in obtaining well-deserved benefits and services.

Vet to Vet Maine works to meet the values of a just society by connecting our veterans with one another and by gathering the support of our greater community.

Vet to Vet Maine invites you to honor a veteran in your community. When you make a donation, you can designate it in honor of a specific veteran, or you can simply honor all the veterans you encounter every day, people who touch your life, whether you know them personally or not.

Please join your friends and neighbors listed in the sidebar in honoring our community’s veterans and supporting Vet2Vet Maine’s efforts to make a difference in the lives of veterans who need a friend.