V2VME Wins $25,550 Cumberland County Block Grant

Cumberland County’s Commissioners have approved a $25,550 Community Development Block Grant to fund a half-time program director position at Vet2Vet ME. The grant, which will cover salary costs from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, provides a much-needed boost for V2VME’s operation, enabling the program director to devote more time to recruiting new volunteers in Cumberland County and responding to a growing number of veterans in the program. It is the second year in a row that V2VME has won the block grant, which comes from federal Housing and Urban Development funds to address the housing, economic, and community needs for Cumberland County, particularly for low and moderate income families and neighborhoods.

The first Cumberland County Block Grant, awarded in June 2019, funded the program director position for 10 hours a week through June 2019.

“This is one giant step on our road to expansion,” said V2VME executive director Susan Gold. “We are very grateful to the Cumberland County Commissioners for their faith in our organization and their continuing support. This grant will enable us to serve at least 30 additional veterans in Cumberland County in the coming year and will allow us to recruit more volunteers, who will continue to serve vulnerable veterans in the years to come.”

Our thanks to Cumberland County and to Kristin Styles, Community Development director, and to V2VME board members Tom Gruber and Lynn White for all their efforts toward winning this grant.