Vet to Vet Maine at Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assn.’s Fundraiser

Vet to Vet Maine President Lynn White, left, and Vice President Tom Gruber stand in front of the organization’s display table at the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assn.’s fundraiser.

At the invitation of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, Vet to Vet Maine attended a fundraiser at the Cumberland Fairgrounds on August 11. The group raises money for various veterans’ groups and has contributed to Vet to Vet in the past. The event gave Vet to Vet Maine the opportunity to connect with veterans and veterans’ groups.

Two veterans indicated interest in participating in the Vet to Vet program during the event.

Board members Lynn White and Tom Gruber joined executive director Susan Gold and Vet to Vet Maine volunteers Dorna and Dennis Girardin in representing the organization at a display table at the event. Gruber brought two veteran friends to help as well.

Unfortunately, rain hampered the Combat Veterans group’s fundraising efforts, but the bands—Fire in the Hole and Madison Rising—were terrific.

Vet to Vet Maine is grateful for being included in the night’s events and welcomes future collaborations with the Combat Veterans.