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Make a difference in the life of a Veteran. Become a Vet to Vet Maine Volunteer Visitor or Volunteer to Help Vet to Vet Maine in other ways. The life you change may be your own. Just click this button and complete the form and we’ll be in touch with you.

Volunteer Opportunities

Duties: Vet to Vet Administrative Assistants work with the Vet to Vet Coordinator on a variety of tasks as needed, such as:
  • Processing applications for Vet to Vet volunteers and Vet to Vet clients;
  • Data entry of materials on Vet to Vet volunteers and Vet to Vet clients;
  • Helping organize and prepare training materials for Vet to Vet volunteers;
  • Working with the Vet to Vet Program Coordinator to update/refine program forms and processes.
Qualifications: Team player, helpful, understanding of the importance of confidentiality. Office experience preferable. Excellent computer skills. Ability to communicate well and work with all kinds of people. Desire to assist veterans. Background check required.

Location: This work can be done at the volunteer's home or other off-site location. Training and occasional collaborative projects will be performed at office space provided at Volk Packaging Corp., 11 Morin St., Biddeford, or other locations.
Duties: Any or all of the following:
  • Give presentations to veteran, civic, student, and other groups, social service agencies, and the general public informing the audience of Vet to Vet Maine's mission and operations in order to raise awareness of Vet to Vet Maine in the community, recruit Vet to Vet Maine volunteers, get referrals of veterans needing a visitor, and raise money to support the program.
  • Help organize and work on fundraisers.
  • Develop contacts and meet with prospective donors.

    Qualifications: Great people skills and organizational ability. Team player. Committed to Vet to Vet Maine's mission of serving veterans by connecting them to volunteers and services. Fundraising and public speaking ability a plus.

    Location: This can be done at home and/or working at the office at 11 Morin St., Biddeford, with a fundraising team.
  • Conduct interview with applicants who want to receive visits from Vet to Vet Maine volunteer.
  • Describe how program works and answer questions (training provided).
  • Fill out intake sheet (provided) and get signatures on paperwork.
  • Write narrative describing applicant (to be given to volunteer match). Format provided.
  • Collaborate with coordinator in selecting an appropriate match among Vet to Vet volunteers available for assignment.

    Qualifications:People skills, compassionate, good listener, communications skills, good judge of character. Must pass background check.

    Location: Interviews take place in applicant's home or residence in which he/she lives. Currently, all locations are in Southern Maine. Volunteer sets own schedule at convenience of veteran to be interviewed.
  • Duties: Vet to Vet Newsletter Editor works with the Vet to Vet Maine Coordinator to produce a monthly e-newsletter for Vet to Vet volunteers and supporters of the Vet to Vet Maine program:
    • Collecting and receiving material (digitally) for e-newsletter;
    • Reviewing proposed content of newsletter with Vet to Vet Maine coordinator;
    • Producing e-newsletter once a month using Mailchimp newsletter system (or comparable)
    • Compiling and maintaining newsletter recipient e-mail list
    • Sending out e-newsletter once a month

      Qualifications: Excellent communications and computer skills. Experience with newsletters/e-newsletter systems a plus but not required. Desire to assist veterans.

      Location: This can be done digitally from home and/or Vet to Vet office at 11 Morin St., Biddeford, ME
  • Schedule interviews with veterans by phone.
  • Check in by phone with Vet to Vet volunteer visitors and the veterans they visit on a regular basis to see how the visits are going and help with any referrals and/or requests for assistance.
  • Respond to requests for referrals, enrollment as Vet to Vet volunteers, and/or applications to obtain a Vet to Vet visitor.

    Qualifications: Good people skills and telephone manner. Compassionate, good listener, desire to help. Compliance with confidentiality requirements. Must pass background check.

    Location: This can be done at home or at the office at 11 Morin St., Biddeford.
  • Duties:
    • Attend 9-hr. training.
    • Pass background/driving record checks and provide references.
    • Visit a veteran in his/her home at least twice a month (no time limit).
    • Provide needed companionship and share activities of mutual interest with veteran, depending on the veteran's abilities and condition; for example, visit a military museum, go out for coffee, go to a car show, play cards, sit and talk, etc.
    • Refer veteran and/or help veteran gain access to services and benefits if needed.
    • Attend case review with other volunteers every other month to discuss experiences in program and learn from others (optional).

      Qualifications: Must have served in the military (any branch, incl. reserves and Merchant Marines, combat or noncombat). Compassion, good listening and communication skills (will receive training), patience. Experience with mentoring or working with older adults a bonus but not required. Desire to provide service to another veteran.

      Location: Training will take place in Southern Maine, exact location TBA, over three days (usually 5-8 pm). Case reviews held every other month at Martin's Point Health Care Community Room in Scarborough. Visits take place in veteran's home or in facility where veteran resides.