Watch the Vet2Vet Maine show!

The Vet2Vet Show premiered  April 4 on PMC Channel 5. Vet2Vet is a program about Maine veterans for Maine veterans and their families. It is about Vet2Vet Maine and its efforts to recruit veterans to serve as peer companions to other veterans.

The host and producer of the show, Sam Kelley, is a Vietnam veteran who is a V2VME board member and has been a peer companion for Vet2Vet Maine for many years offering support, companionship and connections to veteran services to other veterans. The first program features Susan Gold, executive director of Vet2Vet Maine, and V2VME board president Lynn White.

The show will air at 8PM Monday nights, as well as Tuesdays at 11AM, Thursdays at 2PM and Fridays at 2AM on Charter Cable Channel 5. Those not in the viewing area can livestream the show from the Portland Media Center’s website at

You can watch the recording of the inaugural show below: